Police Agencies have received Reports of possible Incidents on July 11th in Srebrenica

The marking of the anniversary of the genocide in Srebrenica on July 11th, from the security aspect, this year has been raised to the highest level so far. It was found out that security agencies received a document on a plan for a possible incident.

In the exchange of information, the security agencies check and evaluate the ways of acting, noting that they provide maximum efforts so that everything could go smoothly in Srebrenica this year as well.

The headquarters of the “Srebrenica 2021” action of the Ministry of the Internal Affairs of the Republika Srpska (RS) informed the security agencies in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) about the possible initiation of incidents during this year’s commemoration of the genocide in Srebrenica. A reliable source from one of the security agencies confirmed to journalists that the information stated, among other things, in which cities certain groups were being prepared that could cause a riot.

”A police officer found out that individuals from the non-governmental (NGO) sector and veterans’ organizations fromSarajevo and Tuzla, together with some individuals from Belgrade, should stage the incident when participants arrive in Potocari, Vlasenica or Bratunac, posing as dissatisfied Serbs because of the verdict to the general Ratko Mladic and the demolition of the Serbian Orthodox Church in Konjevic Polje, and then quickly go away and become a part of a column of participants, with the aim of accusing the authorities and the Ministry of Internal Affairs of RS, and applying the Bonn powers of the High Representative for BiH to RS institutions and officials,” they said from the Ministry of Internal Affairs of RS.

RS Ministry of  Internal Affairs did not comment on information about possible riots in Srebrenica. Minister Lukac stated that the police in the RS, as in previous years, is making maximum efforts and are working to ensure that everything goes smoothly in Srebrenica this year as well. The Directorate for Coordination of Police Bodies of BiH points out that security measures have been raised to the highest level, but also that all received information on possible threats to security in Srebrenica is being checked and assessed in detail.

”All the information we have about possible threats by individuals, groups, or any individual who will come to the memorial gathering, we share on time with all police and intelligence agencies in BiH so that we could cross our knowledge and data and be able to take all activities in time for the gathering to pass in the best order and peace,” told Dragan Lukac, Minister of Internal Affairs of RS.

”In the exchange of data so far and their analysis and assessment, no knowledge has been found that would indicate a threat to the marking of this event, ” said Mirsad Vilic, Director of the Directorate for Coordination of Police Bodies of BiH.

Although the police agencies do not want to talk too much about the reasons for raising security measures in Srebrenica to the highest level so far, a confidential source from a security agency confirmed that security measures, besides a possible incident, were raised to a higher level due to the Montenegrin delegation which recently adopted the Srebrenica Resolution, BHRT writes.


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