Police Attaches accredited in Bosnia and Herzegovina held Meeting in EUFOR Headquarters

Police Attaches accredited in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) and liaison officers of international Law Enforcement Agencies were invited to the EUFOR Headquarters in Camp Butmir, Sarajevo, where they received an update on EUFOR and its activities in supporting the Safe and Secure Environment. EUFOR Chief of Staff, Brigadier General Gabor Horvath and selected subject matter experts gave an insight into EUFOR’s tasks, the political situation and developments in the field of ammunition, weapons and explosives as well as the demining progress in BiH.

EUFOR has evolved over the years and adopted to ensure a focus on the Safe and Secure environment in BiH with a timely and authoritative situational awareness as the bedrock for EUFOR’s activities following the mission statement “Credibility, Visibility and Co-operation”.

Commander EUFOR, Major General Martin Dorfer, summarized that EUFOR’s and Police Attaches’ interests are similar, especially in the field of security related matters: “At the end, all of us working together to achieve the common goal of security, are working for the benefit of BiH, its Law Enforcement Agencies and ultimately for the good of the citizens of BiH. Co-operation among us is key, and I’m looking forward to continued co-operation with you and with your nations.”

Updates on issues significant to the safe and secure environment in BiH are given to the diplomatic community in BiH on a regular basis to enhance their understanding of the overall situation and to foster the strong co-operation between EUFOR and international community supporting BiH’s path towards European integration.


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