Police Officers and Athletes Running Marathon from Bihać to Tomašica

bihac_04Around 90 participants of the first racing marathon Bihać – Tomašica near Prijedor left this morning at 4:00 from the city square in Bihać. Members of all police agencies in B&H and athletes from the Una-Sana Canton are participating. They will run in a relay manner, divided in six groups, and an ambulance and police will follow them along the way. The road is a total of 120 kilometers.

The marathon is organized on occasion of the marking of the International Day of Human Rights. The organizers are the judicial police of the Una-Sana Canton and martial arts clubs of ‘Favorit B&H’ and ‘Zino’ from Bihać, and co-organizers are the Association of Camp Prisoners in B&H and municipality Bihać.

‘’For years we have been running a marathon Bihać-Srebrenica, so we came to the idea that on the occasion of the Human Rights Day to organize one until Tomašica, in order to mark one of the biggest crimes in the history of Europe and in this way to draw attention to the crimes committed during the war in B&H’’, said Zlatko Fajković from ‘Favorita B&H’, one of the initiators of the marathon.

The arrival of participants of the marathon at the area of the mass graves Tomašica near Prijedor is expected at 15:30, where representatives of nonprofit organizations and citizens will await them, and they will pay tribute to the victims together.

(Source: klix.ba)

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