Positive News: Grandma Cerima to finally get a Roof over her Head

Grandma Cerima from Zavidovici was going to sleep every night in fear that her house could collapse and that it might be her last night.

Cerima Ridzal lives alone in the settlement Ridzali near Zavidovici, she was not married and has no children, which makes her situation even more difficult, since she has no one to take care of her…

After the association Pomozi.ba made an appeal for this old woman, the funds were collected with the help of good people, and a little house was built for her in only 40 days.

The construction of the house started on June 9, and it was officially completed on July 20.

“We will deliver the furniture next week, when grandma will start officially living in the new house. We will also take some photos then. We would like to thank everyone who took part in this positive story in any way,” as announced by Pomozi.ba.

From this association stated that they visited grandma Cerima, who thanked everyone who helped.

“She said that she still cannot believe that she got a place to live and she thanked everyone who gave their contribution,” as noted from the association Pomozi.ba.

(Source: Radiosarajevo.ba)





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