Possible revitalization of the ”Kastel” fortress

The Mayor of Banja Luka, Slobodan Gavranović informed the Chief of the Banja Luka Office of the European Union Delegation, Giulio Zanni about the plans of the new city administration for the next period. Gavranović also informed Giulio Zanni about the possible revitalization of the ” Kastel” fortress.

“Thanks to the European Union, we have the support for the revitalization of the ”Kastel” fortress. We have already secures all resources and materials. In the next period, we will try to secure all additional resources so we could finalize the financial basis for the first phase of the reconstruction of ”Kastel” fortress.” – said Mayor Gavranović

The Mayor of Banja Luka also added that it is of crucial importance for Bosnia and Herzegovina to be ready when Croatia joins the European Union. Because of this the revitalization of the ” Kastel ” fortress could minimize the consequences for Bosnia and Herzegovina, after Croatia’s admittance to the European Union.

Giulio Zanni said that the role of the local communities in the process of Euro- Atlantic integrations is of crucial importance, and that the European Union is present in Bosnia and Herzegovina in order to provide help during that process. Zanni also believes that with joined political interests all issues could be resolved in Bosnia and Herzegovina.


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