Prematurely born Twins need Help of Good People!

Ammar and Davud Dervisevic are twins who were born in the 24th week of pregnancy. Currently, they live with their mother Dzenana in the German city of Tübingen where they were born.

Even though they were born three months ago, a great fight is behind them, and it will face them in the future as well. To be healthy and happy boys and enjoy the carefree childhood they need the help of good people.

Dzenana Dervisevic had a normal pregnancy until her 22nd week when she was hospitalized because of pain and physicians expressed the suspicion of TTTS complications that could lead to the deaths of twins. They told her that they cannot do anything to help her, and that she should go to Austria or Germany.

They arrived in Germany two days before the scheduled check-up, and on July 1, Dzenana felt the pain which caused the urgent birth. Ammar had 740 grams, and Davud 580 grams and both were in a very bad condition. Davud had a surgery, infection, bad kidney function, two blood transfusions, and Ammar also had an infection.

Dervisevic family cannot pay for hospital expenses and urgently need money. Davud will have therapies and regular controls for infections and costs per child are 180,000 euros.

Everyone interested can help the family by paying money at below stated accounts and on Gofundme.

Name and Surname: Davud Dervišević
Account number: 161 00000000000 11 – Parties: 09001623480

Raiffeisen bank DD Bosnia and Hercegovina
Zmaja od Bosne BB, Sarajevo, BiH

IBAN CODE: BA391612000101863782
Davud Dervišević
Hamdije Pozderca 21, Bihać




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