Premiere of the Film “Nedostaješ mi”: We Have Been Waiting and Waiting to Come…

meeting_point_kinoBalkan Investigative Reporting Network in B&H (BIRN) will have the premiere of the documentary film about the finding missing person on 3 July at the cinema Meeting Point.

The documentary film, titled “Nedostaješ mi…” shows the everyday suffering of people that during the war, as well as in peacetime lost their beloved ones.

Fikret Bačić for already 22 years is searching for bones of his wife and kids, who were shot in Prijedor.

Blaženka Đumić faces suffering of the search as well, who for already four years is trying to find her daughter.

They are among many of them who hope.

“We waited, waited…They never came, never”, said Bajro Osmić, who lost two sons in Srebrenica.

The film with details shows the process of searching and finding missing persons, key actors and their roles, as well as the very process of DNA analysis. The fate of the missing in war and peacetime is the same and the film shows the relieve when finding the beloved ones.

After the screening, BIRN, in cooperation with the International Commission on Missing Persons (ICMP) in B&H will organize a panel discussion on which will be discusses the importance of finding missing persons.


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