Premiere of Play ‘Bračna igra’ on Monday

Bracna-IgraOn Monday, 9 December starting at 20:00 in the Sarajevo War Theatre the premiere of the play ‘Bračna igra’ by author Edward Albee will take place.

The play is the result of thesis work by Nina Đogo, and in addition to the director the young actor Adnan Goro will star. Ermin Bravo was the mentor for this thesis.

‘Bračna igra’ is a play that deals with the conflict of two married people, which occurs as the result of dissatisfaction and lack of ‘healthy’ communication. It can be said that Albee, in his unique, witty and satirical way comments on the ‘theatricality of marriage’. The characters are themselves ‘melodramatic’ in certain situations, and their relationship is often ambivalent. In this text, as well as in many others, Albee deals with the satirical ‘analysis’ of a love relationship between a man and woman, with the essence of this relationship and all other ‘tricky’ topics and situations that arise from this relationship.

From Monday, this play will be on the regular schedule of the Sarajevo War Theatre as part of the program of Theatre Observatory.


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