Premiere of the play ‘Imamo učiteljicu za čistu peticu’

Children’s play ‘Imamo učiteljicu za čistu peticu’ (We have the best teacher) written by Mirsad Bećirbašić and directed by Mirela Trepanić will have its premiere on 7 March in International Centre for Children and Youth Novo Sarajevo, reports FENA.

It is a story about the unusual class of primary school pupils, where pupils are those who decide the rules of behaviour in the school, who make the curriculum, and who decide the code of behaviour of teacher and principal.

The play has many funny moments, but it also has the role to teach, especially from the relation of two leading character Narcisa and Narcis who love only themselves.

The cast of the play: Nina Đogo, Staša Dukić, Elma Juković, Sanjin Arnautović and Adis Omerović.

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