Preparation of Responses to 655 Additional Questions from EC have been finalized

The preparation of responses to 655 additional questions from the European Commission Questionnaire for Bosnia and Herzegovina have been finalized.

The Directorate for European Integration has provided an integral version of the responses, in languages in official use in BiH and in English, to all governments in Bosnia and Herzegovina and to the BiH Council of Ministers on confirmation.

“According to the existing procedures, the confirmation of the integral version of the response at the BiH government sessions and the BiH Council of Ministers is the last step in the institutions in BiH before sending the response to the European Commission. After confirmation, at all levels of government in BiH, the answers will be submitted to the European Commission,” was quoted by Federal News Agency from the Directorate.

The European Commission has submitted to Bosnia and Herzegovina 655 additional questions, representing 20 percent of the questionnaire submitted in December 2016.  The majority of additional questions (106) refer to the political criterion, while in the economic criteria the European Commission has asked 33 additional questions. They are followed by Chapter 19. Social Policy and Employment (43), Chapter 14 – Transport Policy (38), and Chapter 24 – Justice, Freedom and Security (36).

In addition to the aforementioned, the European Commission provided additional questions for the other 30 chapters of the EU acquis. Additional questions were submitted by the European Commission to Bosnia and Herzegovina in June 2018.

Preparing answers to additional questions from the European Commission’s Questionnaire is part of the overall process of preparing an opinion on BiH’s EU membership bid, in which the European Commission will give a detailed analysis of the state of the country and assess the readiness to move to the next phase of relations with the European Union.

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