Preparations for Beginning of Construction of First Transversal

2117047-sarajevo_sprawling_along_the_miljacka_river-sarajevoThe government of Canton Sarajevo adopted a draft amendment at the last session for an urban plan of Sarajevo for the period 1986-2015, which is the construction of the south longitudinal and first transversal route that will be from the national museum near the train station, Velešići until Šip.

The Minister of Physical Planning and Environment of Canton Sarajevo Zlatko Petrović said that, in addition to the south longitudinal, the decision is based on the changes in the plan for a part of the first transversal, in Velešići and near “Bosnalijek”.

“The plan was altered in the neighborhood of Šip where the first transversal will be finished, and for the establishment of tram transport. We changed the plan to facilitate the settlement of property relations. Until the end of the month the draft plan should be adopted by Canton Sarajevo, after which there will be a public hearing, and afterwards lawmakers will again decide’’, said Petrović.

According to the Minister, when it is finished, the beginning of expropriation of land and buildings that are located along the route can be expected to start.

“After this, construction will begin. There are already some funds from loans from the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development”, said Petrović.

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