Presentation of Project of the Association ‘Sredi Tvoj Grad’

ulica_baThe Association ‘Sredi Tvoj Grad’ is implementing a project by the same name, whose goal is to encourage civic activism and a responsible attitude towards the environment with the help of information technology.

The USA Embassy to B&H provided support in the implementation of this project, and the results of the project and future activities will be presented today in Sarajevo.

There will be a premiere presentation of platform Ulica.ba, a tool created for citizens to directly communicate everyday problems in the community to the relevant authorities and agencies, such as contaminated surfaces, broken street lights, damaged children’s playgrounds, holes in the roads and the like.

Also, the relevant authorities have the opportunity to become familiar with the actual needs of the citizens through ulica.ba, and to solve the existing problems through compliance.

In addition to presentation and addresses by members of the Association, the Acting Deputy Ambassador of the US to B&H Adam Lamoreaux will make an address, announced the Association ‘Sredi Tvoj Grad’.

(Source: Fena)

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