Presentation of Report on Progress of B&H in EU Accession Process Tomorrow at VTKB&H

napredak bihA presentation will be held tomorrow at the B&H Foreign Trade Chamber (VTKB&H) on the progress of B&H in the EU accession process. The progress report of B&H in the process of EU accession for 2013 has been published and it is evident that progress in almost all areas cannot be considered satisfactory.

A key part of the report readdresses issues of interest to the economy of B&H. Special attention is paid to economic criteria and European standards. There will also be a promotion for the beginning of the project ‘Business collaboration of the B&H wood sector with designers’.

USAID Sida FIRMA project in partnership with the VTKB&H, the Development Agency SERDA Sarajevo and the Academy of Fine Arts in Sarajevo is organizing a workshop that will make official the start of this project. The aim of the project is for B&H wood processors and furniture manufacturers to be enabled to come into contact with renowned designers of wood products, mainly furniture, and through sponsored joint activities to come to designs and prototype products that would, through education and joint assessment, be sold on demanding markets, especially in the EU.

(Source: Fena)

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