Presentation of Study ‘Citizens in Collectivist Ideology: Socio-Legal Analysis of ‘Others’ in B&H’ on 26 December

Pozivnica - Gra?ani_ke u kolektivisti?koj ideologijiThe presentation of the study ‘Citizens in Collectivist Ideology: Socio-Legal Analysis of ‘Others’ in B&H’ will take place on Thursday, 26 December at Art Kino Kriterion.

Authors of the study, Admira Sitnić and Amila Ždralović and editor Damir Banović will speak during the presentation.

A study of citizens in collectivist ideology is a socio-legal analysis of the position of the ‘Others’ in B&H, authored by Admira Sitnić and Amila Ždralović is the first in a series of scientific and expert analysis that identifies key issues of the constitutional position of the ‘Others’, implications of exclusion or limitation from the process of political decision-making, and the current position in government. The publication is primarily a socio-legal work and analyzes the ‘Others’ as a sociological category, the possibility of forming common interest and giving collective constitutional rights to this category of people.

A PDF version of the publication is available at the following link: http://cps.ba/wp-content/uploads/2013/12/kolektivisticka-ideologija_FINAL.pdf.

The presentation will be held in BHS languages.

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