Presenting the attractive BiH tourist offer in London

Strbacki BukBy: Nevena Šarenac

BiH can be proud of its interesting locations and accessible tourist offers, and three BiH tourist agencies will have the opportunity to present attractive tourist potentials of BiH during their stay in London from 14 to 18 April.

Representatives of Zepter Passport, Green Visions and Bijeli rafting Una, specialized for programmes of adventure, cultural and educational tourism will present their tourist offer to interested British tour operators and wider public from 14 to 18 April in the capital of the UK.

Visit and representation of BiH tourist agencies as well as business contacts and solo business meetings with relevant British partners has organised and supported USAID-Sida FIRMA project.

Manager of tourist agency Zepter Passport Milena Pavlović has confirmed to ”Sarajevo Times” that the presentation of BiH tourism will be held on 16 April in premises of BiH Embassy in London.

Also, in organisation of BiH Embassy, on 18 April in London, there will be an Investment-Trade Conference intended for potential British investors to BiH who are interested for more economic fields, including tourism.

”Zepter Passport is agency that deals with bringing foreign tourists to BiH and it is intensively working on promoting potentials for development of tourism in BiH. The aim is to present concrete tourist programs, which we offer to foreign markets”, said Milena Pavlović.

She said the Zepter Passport will be present itself with the program of fly fishing, because this agency, as a part of adventure tourism has specialized for this kind of fishing, which is being offered in the Northwest BiH.

They will also present the program of activities in nature, specifically trekking and biking in the vicinity of Šipovo and Jajce.

”Third segment which we’ll present is related to so-called cultural tours in BiH. As a part of that, we make bus tours that tour the most important tourist places, cultural and historical landmarks and similar”, said the manager of Zepter Passport agency.

She noted that apart from presentation of  BiH tourism, meetings of representatives of BiH tourist agencies and tour operators of the UK, who are interested for bringing tourists to new destinations, such is BiH, will be held in London as well.

She said that the presentation of BiH tourism in the UK is at a low level and added that the biggest problem is possibly, the fact that there is no direct flight from Sarajevo to London.

”We hope that this will be a good opportunity for British tour operators and journalists to inform about tourist potentials and concrete programs of BiH tourist agencies”, concluded Pavlović.

Samir Hajrić, program coordinator and planning guide of Green Visions agency also talked about the presentation in London to ”Sarajevo Times” and said that BiH market must open itself towards British tour operators.

Having in mind previous experiences, Hajrić said that tourists are mostly interested in activities in nature, noting that the Green Visions in that sense in London will present biking, mountaineering and rafting, as well as visits to Sarajevo, Mostar and other cultural and historical destinations of BiH.

He thinks that the performance of BiH tourist agencies in London is an extraordinary opportunity to present and explain BiH potential.

”With direct contacts, it is much easier to reach tour operators, and with it the potential client”, said Hajrić.

Agency ”Bijeli Una Rafting” will also present its tourist program in London.

”Having in mind that ”Bijeli Una rafting” agency as the pioneer of rafting in BiH, started in 1996 with sport activities on water, we work hard to attract European tourists with innovative offers and in that way to contribute to development of private and social sectors of our region”, said to ”Sarajevo Times” representative of aforementioned tourist agency Senad Zulić.

”Bijeli Una Rafting” ,as he said, will present in the capital of the UK a wide variety of sports activities on the Una River, such as rafting, kayaking, canoeing, than educational programs for young as a part of sports on water.

”We’ll present the newest program of this year, whose realization has already started, and whose aim is to renew and maintain international cooperation with countries that active in kayaking, rafting and other sports on water, as well as potential investors who could contribute to preservation of these projects in the future”, said Zulić.

Representatives of all three tourist agencies agreed that the presentation in London will be unique opportunity to present BiH tourist potentials and to make professional and continued cooperation with British tour operators.

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