Prevent Apparel – a Collection of Men’s Suits with the “Made in B&H” Label

Prevent Apparel prevent.baAs one of the most successful companies in B&H, Prevent Group can boast that – thanks to them – “Made in B&H” is written on the labels of Pierre Cardin suits, since the suits are sewn in production facilities in the municipalities of Travnik and Visoko. In addition to Ahlers Group, Prevent is exporting fashion products (suits, blazers, coats and overcoats) for Eduard Dressler and Brecos, as well as women’s brands such as Rich & Royal and Jones.

It is no secret that textile companies in B&H are oriented towards the lohn business, where they produce clothing for foreign companies, and thus directly depend on orders from foreign buyers. In order to expand their business, the Prevent Company aims to develop its own products this year and create their own collections in the future.

“As a pilot project of developing its own products, Prevent Travnik – inspired by international fashion brands and engagement of its own resources – created two models of men’s suits designed for a young urban man, with the goals to produce a well-cut suit and support domestic producers. Most materials from suppliers in Bosnia and Herzegovina were used to create the Prevent Apparel collection, which resulted in the complete product carrying ‘Made in B&H’ label. Therefore, Prevent Travnik wants to: revive the fashion and textile industry, protect the domestic product, and strengthen the position of suppliers in B&H”, emphasized Aida Salkić from Prevent Group.

In creating the design, the Prevent Apparel style was inspired by their target group – high school graduates – who have a wide range of quality suits at affordable prices to choose from, designed and made in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The suits are available in different colors, with an emphasis on gray, dark blue and black styles, inspired by spring/summer 2015 trends.

All Prevent Apparel products can be tried on and bought in “Dresscode”, a shop located within the Prevent Travnik factory.


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