Prijedor: High School Students collecting Money in order to go on School Trip

Prijedor studentsStudents of the third year of Gymnasium  Sveti Sava in Prijedor are intensively collecting funds for the seven students who cannot go on a school trip due to the lack of money.

“These are students who certainly earned this trip, but they need 800 BAM, which is the price of our prom excursion that will take place in September. Our first activities were focused on the collection of secondary raw materials such as paper, cardboard, plastic and metal caps as well as the foil from cigarette packs. Local cafes and pastry shops (such as the Balkans and Jelen Pub Life Club) helped us as well. We’ve expanded our activities over time, “said Aleksa Komosar, one of the students of III 2 in Gymnasium St. Sava in Prijedor.

With the great help of workers of the National Park Kozara, their teachers, high school students and volunteers from other classes, students participated in the activity of reforestation where they planted 5,000 seedlings of maple and ash tree on the 25th and 31st of March on the territory of Ljubija.

“This activity was financed by RZR Ljubija, and all the money will be donated to the students from our class. We want to thank the director of the NP Kozara Dragan Romcevic and director of RZR Ljubija, Stanko Vujkovic who offered this cooperation and we hope that we justified it with our efforts, hard work and desire that all 28 students in our class go on a school trip. We also want to thank the director of our school, Professor Radmila Bijelic, who gave us a free day that we spent in forestation with our teacher, Professor Svjetlana Roncevic,” said Komosar.

These hardworking students are offering services of products or service promotion to companies, in exchange for symbolic funds in the amount that the company determines. Everyone interested can contact Aleksa at 066 / 098-010. Most of the activities were launched by students of class III-2 – Igor Romcevic and Sara Mrsic.

“Besides numerous business entities to whom we owe our gratitude for their cooperation, we are also grateful to all those who are interested in our work and who are helping us in different ways. Director of cinema Kozara, Safira Karahodzi,c gave us the opportunity to organize a screening of the film Vrati se, Zone (Zona Zamfirova 2) on the 9th of April at 4 pm. Everyone who wants to attend the screening can buy tickets for 3 BAM,” said Aleksa.

(Source: Radiosarajevo.ba)

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