Progress in Border Control

The BiH Border Police last year stepped up checks at the border crossings of BiH and identified 1.229 people whose names were listed in the database for various reasons, and in comparison to 2011 during the same period this indicates an increase by 11.73 percent.

‘’It is important to note that we have established in the reporting period new applications for border controls, which resulted in the improvement of results in finding 1.262 documents that were not valid for border crossings’’, said the Director of Border Police of BiH Vinko Dumančić.

According to him, last year 2.998 foreigners were prohibited from entering BiH, which represents a decrease by 832 people or 21.72 percent.

He added that in last year in illegal border crossings 839 people were discovered, which indicates an increase of 65 people or 20.06 percent.

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