Promotion of a book ”War Childhood” at MESS Festival

Thanks to the persistence of young people from the Association ”Urban”, after two and a half year of work on a project, the illustrated book ”War Childhood” is finished. The book, on 328 pages brings the story of generations which were brought up in the war. It is an interactive project with a goal to present and explore the collective experience of the children of Sarajevo. An open invitation was issued by web-page for people who were children under siege to send brief summaries of their memories in the form of text messages (160 characters). The idea was to tell this generation’s story by creating a mosaic of memories out of these short and unique attachments.

The book is unique in having been co-created by some 1,600 people; this book also takes a specific approach to the presentation of their memories.
The memories collected in the book are presented symmetrically. They are grouped both by theme and by emotion. Some entries from the different groups are mixed, but they are distributed in accordance with a precisely calculated algorithm. In this way, a balance is struck between emotion and theme.

As a sign of support for this project, association ”Urban” and International Theatre Festival MESS has organised the promotion of the book which will be held on Tuesday, 5 February at 8 p.m. at Dom Mladih in Sarajevo.

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