Promotion of the book ”Czech phone book in Sarajevo in 1910”

The book entitled ” Czech phone book in Sarajevo in 1910” by a librarian Valerijan Žujo and in the collaboration with the City of Sarajevo and the National University Library of B&H, will be promoted on Thursday in Sarajevo. The third publication of this book testifies about the numerous and well organized Czech community in 1910, whose members have contributed significantly to the development and affirmation of Sarajevo and B&H in all aspect of social life.

After the screening of the film entitled ” Sarajevo Library”, the Mayor of Sarajevo, Alija Behmen, the leader of the Department of rare books from the National University Library of B&H Muamera Smajić and the author of the book Valerijan Žujo will speak to the guests and attending journalists.

The promotion will be held at the City Council of the City of Sarajevo.


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