Prosecutors from Five Countries involved in Investigation of “Balkan Cartel”

Prosecutors from five (5) countries involved in the investigation are jointly negotiating further activities related to the prosecution of persons suspected of money laundering.

In this international operation, which is being conducted with the participation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, representatives of prosecutor’s offices and law enforcement agencies are collecting evidence for the criminal prosecution of persons suspected of laundering of large sums of money, which has been laundered in several countries by way of investing into the real estate and which had been acquired as unlawful material gain originating from the smuggling of narcotics.

An international network of persons suspected of money laundering has been identified as a result of joint efforts of the institutions in the Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Slovenia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, with the assistance and cooperation of EUROJUST and EUROPOL.

Following the creation of an operational plan, a joint launching of the action was agreed and carried out simultaneously in all the five respective countries yesterday. Some of these activities were carried out in Bosnia and Herzegovina, in an operation codenamed “The Balkan Cartel”.

As a result of this operation, a multi-million value of property, which is suspected to have been gained from the commission of the criminal offences, was blocked in all the countries involved, including large amounts of money, pricey cars, real estate and other property.

Representatives of the prosecutor’s offices and law enforcement agencies of the countries participating in this action are currently in The Hague, negotiating the continuation of the investigative activities in this case.


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