Mogherini, Hahn: It is our shared Duty to always Remember Srebrenica

Today we commemorate the genocide in Srebrenica. This was twenty four years ago; yet this tragedy still haunts us.

Our hearts and thoughts are with the victims and all those whose lives have been affected by these tragic events.

It is our shared duty to always remember Srebrenica, one of the darkest moments of humanity in modern European history.

While remembering, we have the responsibility to firmly anchor peace and ensure a stable future for all people living in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the wider region. We need to end impunity and overcome the legacies of the past.

There is no place for inflammatory rhetoric, for denial, revisionism or the glorification of war criminals. Attempts to rewrite history in Bosnia and Herzegovina or anywhere are unacceptable. While Bosnia and Herzegovina has expressed its desire to become member of the European Union, the priority is for all political leaders in the country to work actively towards the promotion of dialogue and respect.

The European Union remains committed to support Bosnia and Herzegovina in establishing a society where pluralism, justice and human dignity prevail.

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