Puhalo defended his Title of WBF Champion!

puhaloAt the “Sarajevo Fight Night 2” B&H boxer Edin Puhalo alias Iron Puki delighted all fans of box in the Youth Centre and in front of the screens with top quality and attractive boxing.

Our professional boxer and member of the sports camp “Peljto” defended his title of WBF intercontinental champion in the match against Branislav Plavsic from Serbia, who had 9 matches in his professional career.

Iron Puki ended the match by knocking out his opponent in the second round, thus recording his 7th victory in the professional ring, out of which 6 were by knockout.

“This was the best match in my career, because I had a top quality opponent who is tough and strong boxer. I moved my limits and thanks to the good work of the coaches and the support of my country I can reach the European top soon. I am in top form and thanks to that I was able to resolve the match in the second round, by taking advantage of a moment of negligence of Serbian boxer. I want to thank to my friends and family who were with me, my sponsors and of course the coach Mensur Peljto,” said Puhalo.

After this triumph, fans of boxing agreed that Iron Puki is currently one of the best BH boxers along with Damir Beljo.

“I like the praises and when people compare me with Damir Beljo. He is my friend, a top athlete and a great man. He made something incredible for our conditions. But none of this happened overnight. Of course, I will not stop on this victory. I have big plans, and the European championship is my goal. I wish to make a boxing spectacle in Sarajevo one day and fill the great hall Skenderija. I think I’m on the right track,” said Puhalo.


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