R. Moore: Flexibility and Political Will Are Essential in Mostar

A reasonable and broad compromise that does not pose a threat for any of the constituent peoples or groups can be achieved in Mostar if the political leaders demonstrate flexibility and political will, said the First Deputy of the High Representative Roderick Moore in a column that was published in “Dnevni Avaz”.

This sort of compromise would end the ‘’soft propaganda of the city” and would provide for cititzens and politicians to ‘’focus on things that are important’’, including employment, school and secure surroundings’’, wrote Moore.

‘’We wish to ensure that citizens of Mostar have the option to choose their leaders at elections just like all other citizens in this country did in October’’, said Ambassador Moore.

‘’And we wish to ensure that the rule of law is respected’’, he added.

He said that although the majority of the parties that represent the citizens of Mostar now constructively cooperate in the search for a solution, the two main parties have blocked efforts to find solutions for the problems in the city-and therefore the problems that citizens have.

‘’They steadfastly stick to their unrealistic attitudes that have no probable chance to be adopted by domestic institutions’’, he wrote.

Ambassador Moore called all parties to focus on achieving a comprehensive political compromise that respects the decisions of the Constitutional Court.

‘’As part of the compromise on all the issues, included the funding of the city, it can all be arranged. As long as parties fully and honestly do not devote their efforts to find a compromise, divisions and tensions in Mostar will reawaken once again’’, he warned.

Ambassador Moore reiterated the international community’s ongoing commitment to help all actors in Mostar find a solution, but for this to succeed, he said, ‘’our domestic partners have to show that they have the political will and flexibility to end the crisis’’.

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