Race Vivicitta 2017 held in Sarajevo

Vivicitta race SarajevoThe first two places in the main categories of this year’s Vivicitta race, which was held in Sarajevo, won athletes from Serbia.

In the competitive category of men in the main race at 12 kilometers, the first place went to Elzan Bibic (18) from Novi Pazar (Serbia), the second place went to Stefan Cukovic from East Sarajevo, and the third place went to Kosta Sumar (21) from Sarajevo.

In the same race in the women category, the top three places went to the competitors from Serbia. The first at the finish line was Amela Terzic (24) from Novi Pazar, the second place went to Teodora Simovic (23) also from Novi Pazar, and the third place went to Tamara Micevic from Uzice.

The winners of the main race received cash prizes in the amount of 300 BAM, a trophy, a medal and a diploma. Runners-up received a trophy, medal, diploma and 200 BAM, and winners of the third place received 100 BAM.

In other categories, the categories of elementary schools, high schools, faculties, the first place received the cash prize in the amount of 50 BAM, with a medal, a diploma, and a book.

The 23rd “Vivicitta 2017” race was organized by the Sports Association of Canton Sarajevo with a total of 300 participants. The race was held without any interventions of ambulance or injuries of participants.

By participating in this event, runners became part of the global race “Vivicitta” which was held in 90 cities in the world at that time.

The manifestation was held under the auspices of the Ministry of Culture and Sport of Canton Sarajevo, and it was secured by the members of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Canton Sarajevo. The main street in the city center was closed for traffic by the end of the race.


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