Radmanović: The citizens of B&H do not deserve the abolition of the no- visa requirement regime

Lately there have been talks about the abolition of the no-visa requirement regime for several Balkan countries because of the great number of citizens who are seeking asylums in some of the EU countries.  The President of the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Nebojša Radmanović is sure that this will not happen. He said that the number of people seeking asylums is not as big as some European press want to present it.

” Actually very few people from Bosnia and Herzegovina are seeking such kind of refugee in other countries. We have done everything to maintain the minimum of those occurrences so we can control it. I think that the whole region has the same issues.” – said Radmanović
Radmanović also added how the re-introduction of visas would only harm the rights of citizens and not politicians, and how the  citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina do not deserve such a thing.

In the end, President Radmanović also stated: ” We are all Europeans, so at least we should maintain the right to move and travel freely.”

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