NATO commended the work of Bosnia and Herzegovina

The percentage of finalized in comparison to planed mutual activities of Bosnia and Herzegovina and NATO is in continual growth from 2007. Since 2007 Bosnia and Herzegovina participates in the activities of the Alliance.

The representatives of the press from Bosnia and Herzegovina have visited the Allied Command Operations in Belgian city Mons in the organization of NATO in Sarajevo. The military officials of NATO held presentations concerning the current activities of the Alliance and the relations between Bosnia and Herzegovina and NATO.

In 2007, Bosnia and Herzegovina has fulfilled 54% of the planed mutual activities with NATO, while the percentage increased to 61% in 2008, 65% in 2009, 71% in 2010, and 79% in 2011.

The presentation also included the topic of relations of NATO with the 20 members for the Partnership for Peace. Bosnia and Herzegovina is in the middle of an intensified dialogue, which will result in the opportunity for activation of the MAP for NATO, only if the requirements concerning the relocation of army property to the Ministry of Defense are fulfilled.

As a great example of the collaboration with Bosnia and Herzegovina, the experts for military affairs in NATO listed activities in the direction of training for the Peacekeeping Mission and commended the work of the Center for Peacekeeping Mission, which is one of the most successful centers of that type out of 23 similar centers in the world.

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