Rahimić: It is an important match but it is not a key match

The most experience football player of BiH, Elvir Rahimić will once again play for BiH national team. He expect victory over the unpleasant team of Greece.

‘I am happy to return to team, especially before such an important match’ said Rahimić to and added: ‘This is a very important match, but it is not the key match, since after this one, we have another five matches. Every match is important, because it gives three points. They are competitors for the first place, and that’s why this match is so important. As always I hope for the good play and victory.’

Rahimić noted that Greeks always play with the same composition, and that BiH team is well acquainted with them.

Rahimić added that it is a handicap that Pjanić and Salihović won’t play because they are great players and mean a lot for the team, but he noted that there are other players who can take their places.

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