Railway Traffic re-established in Bosnia and Herzegovina


After a break that lasted more than two months, within the measures taken due to the spread of coronavirus, railway traffic was re-established in Bosnia and Herzegovina, BHRT reports.

The trains will run according to the changed timetable. In accordance with the epidemiological measures, passengers are advised to maintain a distance of at least one meter, use protective masks and disinfect their hands when entering the train, so that all participants in the transport are protected as much as possible.

“As of today, the Federal Railways is releasing passengers into railway traffic in a reduced sense, on the routes from Sarajevo via Mostar to Capljina, and the other route is from Sarajevo via Zenica to Maglaj. Due to the reduced interest of passengers, we do not drive further towards Banja Luka. The ticket price remained the same, “said Federal Railways employee Mujo Birdahic.

The Railways of the Republika Srpska state that passenger high-speed trains on the route Sarajevo-Bihac-Sarajevo and Sarajevo-Banja Luka-Sarajevo will not run until further notice. Protective measures: mandatory disinfection of footwear and hands when entering railway stations and waiting rooms.

Some of the world’s wildest and most beautiful scenery is best enjoyed from a train window. The Guardian chose brilliant and great routes from Lhasa to Lima.

Last summer, after two years of rebuilding, the line between Mostar and Sarajevo reopened with air-conditioned trains. This is a great train bargain, with rugged scenery, especially along the Neretva river. While the road sticks to the valley, the train climbs over the mountains, with viaducts, switchbacks and tunnels. From Sarajevo, there used to be a direct train to Zagreb, in Croatia. Negotiations between the two countries continue.

The price of the ride is £5, and it takes 2 hours from BiH’s capital Sarajevo to Mostar.




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