Water Mills on River Pliva are Guardians of the Centuries-old Tradition


Near the town of Jajce, between large and small Pliva Lake, on the gypsum barrier water mills were built known in Jajce also as ‘’mlinčići’’. Nineteen water mills – dwellings, covered with shingles, were built of oak wood more than a hundred years before.

They were built without attics, windows, chimneys… For centuries, people from the surrounding villages were bringing full bags of corn and wheat on their horses, and grinded them in the mills. They would return to home with flour. Placed side by side, with clear Pliva between them, they still defy time.

However, they no longer serve their original purpose, they do not grind corn and wheat anymore. Today, they are here to testify one time and natural beauty of the area.

Every family owned a mill which was used only by immediate and extended family members. Water mills stopped being used due to a process of industrialization but will stay forever as a monument of one age admired by many tourists. The idea is to put several mills, out of 20 existing, into function again.

These water mills are several hundred years old. They were mentioned in Ottoman and Austro-Hungarian period.

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