Rally in Support of Ratko Mladic before the pronouncement of the Verdict organized in BiH

Last night in Bratunac, the association “Eastern Alternative” organized a rally in support of Ratko Mladic before the pronouncement of the verdict, from which shameful messages were sent.

A film was shown at the gathering, and before the screening, the members of this association sent shameful messages.

“Thank the general, thank everyone and yourself who participated in the creation of Republika Srpska,” said one of the organizers.

The shouts “Long live Ratko Mladic” were followed by whistles and the raising of three fingers.

Posters with the image of Mladic were pasted around the city, which read “There was no genocide” and “God bless you and be healthy”.

To recall, recently members of this association provoked the victims of genocide by pasting posters that read “Peter Handke Street”, a writer who publicly denies genocide, Klix.ba writes.

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