Read about the Traffic Conditions in B&H

trafficIn most parts of B&H today, the traffic is operating mostly on wet roads. There is increased risk of landslides on sections that are leading through the notches, so we urge drivers to drive with extreme caution on all roads and to adapt to the driving conditions on the road.

Due to the reconstruction of the bridge in village Zeleca on the section M-17 Zenica – Zepce, traffic has been suspended and redirected on the bypass through the village Rakovica.

The roads with the current works in progress are following: Highway A-1 section Visoko-Podlugovi and Sarajevo north-Vlakovo (viaduct Reljevo), then main roads: Jablanica – Prozor, Doboj – Gracanica, Celinac – Kotor Varos, and roads in the area of Mostar.

According to the notice of the Border Police, the construction works on the Croatian side of the border crossing Doljani-Metkovic have been announced in the next 6 months. During this period of time, there is the possibility of slower traffic flow on the border crossing, but without suspension. Retention times at the border crossing are no longer than 15 minutes, as announced from the BIHAMK.

(Source: nap.ba)

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