The Reconstruction of Three Premises to start in the Archive of BiH?

Works on the reconstruction and adaptation of three premises in one of the largest archival depots that are funded by the Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency – TIKA started in the Archive of BiH. The contractor is Restauro Ltd. Sarajevo, which was engaged by TIKA.

With the aim of supporting the work of the Archive of BiH, the Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency – TIKA provided a total of 35,000 EUR for the renovation of these premises, with the aim of protecting the important part of BH cultural and historical heritage for generations to come.

Thanks to this project, the archival material will be kept safe in these three rooms because the already mentioned company engaged by TIKA will conduct the reconstruction of damaged walls and floors and it will install adequate air conditioning, ventilation, a micro system of a depot and a system for stable fire extinguishing.

The director of the Archive of BiH Sasa Klepid stated that current capacities of the Archive for the quality depot of archive material are insufficient and that this institution will try to find a way to resolve this problem in the future period as well.

“Considering that there is not enough adequate space for receiving new materials and a quality deposition of already existing archive material in accordance with archival standards in the Archive of BiH, we will invest all the effort to resolve the problem of archival depots in this way, with the aim to provide a long-lasting and adequate regulation of the accommodation of archive material,” stated Klepid.

The representatives of TIKA are actively visiting the Archive of BiH with the aim to get to know all the challenges and difficulties that this institution is facing with and to address its acute problems. To recall, TIKA has already participated in saving the archive materials of the Archive of BiH by renovating the burned depot in this institution after the fire that took place in 2014.

(Source: klix.ba)

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