Record Production of Electricity in Elektroprivreda BiH

55aa618d-0618-43c6-9a38-18e60a0a0a64-struja-200-718x446In October 2016, Elektroprivreda BiH produced 805.738 MWh of electrical energy or 151.76 percent in relation to the planned production.

Comparing with the achieved monthly production in previous years, monthly production of circa 805 GWh in October this year represents the record post-war monthly production of electrical energy.

Total generated production of electrical energy in thermal power plants amounted to 678.617 MWh – 421.220 MWh in the TPP Tuzla and 257.397 MWh in the TPP Kakanj. Hydro power plants on the Neretva River produced 127.121 MWh of electrical energy in October 2016.

In the first ten months of this year, a significant progress was achieved in the operations of mines in the concern EP BiH, which is reflected in the increased production of coal by 13.58 percent. Especially significant increase was achieved in October 2016, when mines produced 443.914 tons of coal, which is the maximum production of coal in the past two years and ten months.


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