Red Bull Cliff Diving Champions Iffland and Peres to compete at Bentbasa Cliff Diving

In addition to many numerous competitors, three-time Red Bull Cliff Diving Champion, gold medalist from the recently held World Cup in South Korea and currently leading in the 2019 overall ranking, Rhiannan Iffland from Australia, and Red Bull Cliff Diving World Champion from 2017, bronze medal winner at the World Cup in South Korea, winner of the first Red Bull Cliff Diving competition in Mostar and currently runner-up, Mexican Jonathan Paredes have both confirmed their arrival to the Bentbaša Cliff Diving competition on Saturday, August 3rd.

With three seasons in the books, Rhiannan Iffland has made it a hat-trick of titles and become the most decorated female in the sport’s history.

Since her rise as a stunning rookie-winner in her first cliff diving competition in 2016, the 27-year-old Australian has collected 11 wins in 17 events and has only twice finished outside the top three.

To complete her winning streak the queen of cliff diving also won the FINA high diving world cup last November. At around the same time, Iffland became the first person in history to dive in one of the most captivating places on earth in Australia’s Northern Territory. Captioned as the “Rainbow Dive”, this once in a lifetime Aussie adventure documents her quest to reinvigorate her purpose and passion for diving in the heart of Australia.

2018 was a patchy season for the former champion, whose three podium finishes were dampened by a 10th and 6th place, Jonathan Paredes. That’s not to say he went backwards last year; in fact his points tally in those three podium finishes would have been enough to score three victories in the previous season. The problem was, when the Mexican found his form in 2018, he unfortunately ran into the juggernauts Hunt and LoBue, who were smashing records left, right and centre. Paredes needed to win in Italy and hope those two failed badly, but any doubters needed only to look back at 2017’s finale to know that anything can happen.

“Rhiannan and Jonathan will also be presenting their cliff diving skills in a special show parallel to the competition. In this way, they will contribute to the dynamic of the entire event and at the same time announce the coming Red Bull Cliff Diving Competition in Mostar. We are confident that the images of this event in Bentbasa will be shown around the world and that we will enjoy the performances of these superb divers,” said the organizer Dino Bajric to Federal News Agency.

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