Reduced Water Levels in Odžacke Posavine

sava na račiThe result of pumping stations, that is many mobile pumps, is decreased water level at the site of CS Tolisa, municipality Domaljevac. According to the Agency for the Sava River Basin, now the water level is less for 25 cm in the past 24 hours, while in the floodplain Odžačka Posavina water level decreased by 52 cm. been notified of the.

The changing levels of the river basin in the last six hours is the following: the measuring point Svilaj is in decline of 12 cm, 15 cm in Šamac, in Grebnice 16 cm and 13 cm im Orašje.

Active measures are needed in the area of Odžak and Central Posavina.


(Source: Fena)

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