Waiting more than Three Hours on the Exit from B&H at BC Doljani

Retentions Border Crossings bljesak.infoThe weekend once again brought large traffic jams on the roads in our country leading to the south, and huge retentions and kilometers of motorcade are recorded at the border crossing Doljani.

As it was stated from the BH automotive club (BIHAMK), the greatest retention is at the border crossing Doljani, where waiting on exit from B&H is longer than three hours and between one hour and hour and a half when entering B&H.

‘’Retention at Ivanica is around an hour on the exit, while there are no retentions at all at the border crossings Gabela Polje, Bijača and Crveni Grm”, it was stated from BIHAMK, that urges all citizens to use other border crossings as well, besides Doljani.

According to the readers who are in kilometers-long columns, there is great nervousness due to waiting and high temperatures.

Drivers were previously urged from BIHAMK to avoid driving on long distances during the day due to high temperatures, and if they still travel, to make frequent breaks.

(Source: klix.ba)

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