West Herzegovina Quiet for now: Fire near Mostar extinguished Yesterday

trebinje fireThe fire that caught a hill near Salakovac on Tuesday morning, was finally extinguished early yesterday.

After almost four days of fight against the fire that broke out near the Hydro power station Salakovac, which is located around 10 kilometers north from Mostar.

Although, fire haven’t threatened homes or other important objects at any moment, fight against the fire was almost impossible in the first two days. Namely, the fore was spreading through the inaccessible and mined terrain that made extinguishing impossible.

Thus, members of the Professional Fire Unit Mostar decided to “wait“ the fire at a locality where extinguishing was possible. Finally, fire was extinguished early last morning and is no longer a potential for a more serious problem.

As confirmed by the Operative center of Herzegovina-Neretva Canton, there is no more active fires in HNC since yesterday morning.

(Source: klix.ba)

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