Referendum in RS to be held on 15th November!

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A referendum announced by the National Assembly of RS on the judicial institutions and imposed decisions of the high representatives will be held on 15th November.

The decision of the Constitutional court on the referendum was published yesterday in the “Official Gazette of RS”. Number 78, on the 11th page, and the earlier decision of the National Assembly provided a referendum to be conducted in the first week after the expiry of 50 days after the announcement of the decision in the “Official Gazette”.

As a reminder, a decision of the Assembly was blocked in the Council of people after the Club of Bosniaks submitted a protection of vital national interest, and by yesterday’s publishing of the decision of the Constitutional court of RS, a period of 50 days formally started.

As it was stated in the “Official Gazette”, a referendum question will be “Do you support the unconstitutional and unauthorized imposition of laws by the High representatives of the International community in B&H, especially imposed laws on the Court and the Prosecutor’s Office of B&H and the implementation of their decision within the territory of RS?”.

It was stated further that the Government of RS is obliged to provide funds and technical support needed for the conduction of a referendum.

This decision of the Constitutional court was made by the Court council consisting of Amor Bukic as the president of the Council of the Constitutional court for the protection of vital national interest, Dzerard Selman, president of the Constitutional court of RS, and judges Milenko Arapovic, Zlatko Kulenovic, Irena Mojovic, Marko Rajcevic and Snezana Savic. That decision was made on 9th September.

As expected, the government and the opposition in RS have different views on the conduction of the referendum. While those in SNSD claim that the decision will be conducted and the referendum will be held because it is the right of citizens of RS to express their opinion in a democratic way, the opposition emphasizes that this is drawing attention from economic issues and politicization of the issue of the judiciary.

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