Relay on Trebevic is a Tourist Spot for 40 years! (VIDEO)

Olympic Mountain Trebevic is fascinating with its natural beauty in any season. Besides many sporting activities on this mountain, you can also see many cultural and historical attractions.

The telecommunications tower at a height of 1,566 meters was constructed back in 1975 and its height is 60 meters. It represents an important telecommunications hub for Sarajevo and it is a transmitter for several broadcasters. It is the only transmitter that was not destroyed by NATO during the bombing back in 1995.

It was mined at the very beginning of the war which is why Sarajevo did not have a telephone line, but after the war that part of Trebevic was cleaned.

Within the telecommunications tower is a house in which live people who work in the tower. It is surrounded by beautiful nature and it is the place where hikers and cyclists come very often, as it is located near the top Sofa.

Take a look at its beauty in the VIDEO.


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