Remains of 23 Victims ready to be buried in Prijedor on July 20

Remains of 23 victims from Prijedor are identified and ready to be buried at a joint funeral that will be held in Prijedor on July 20.

Spokesperson of the Missing Persons Institute BiH Lejla Cengic said that the youngest victim that will be buried at this funeral in Prijedor is eighteen-year-old Ifet (Fahrudin) Vojnikovic. His remains were found last year in June in the mass grave “Hozica kamen” in Bosanski Novi.

The oldest victim is Serif (Hasan) Hegic. He was born in 1920 and his remains were exhumed from the mass grave “Jakarina Kosa” in 2001.

“The remains of Bosniak civilians who will be buried in this funeral were exhumed from the mass graves “Jakarina Kosa” (373 victims); “Koricanske stijene” (90 victims), from the mass grave “Hrastova glavica” in the area of Sanski Most (124 victims), and they were mainly detainees from the concentration camp Omarska. Moreover, there are victims exhumed from the mass grave of “Redak-Ljubija” (69 victims); tombs “Zecovi” and “Trnopolje – Redzici” and the last discovered mass graves “Hozica kamen” in the area of Bosanski Novi (11 victims), as well as the localities of Mrackovac, Trnopolje and the city cemetery Pasinac in Prijedor,” said Cengic.

She recalled that a total of 2,325 of victims from Prijedor have been found so far. They were found in more than 450 different locations, of which 98 are mass graves. Tombs were found in the area of Prijedor, as well as in other cities – Sanski Most, Bosanska Krupa, Bosanska Gradiska, Bosanska Dubica, Skender Vakuf, Bosanski Novi, Vukosavlje, Banja Luka, Kostajnica in Croatia and other cities.

“There are 323 remains in Sejkovaca who were exhumed earlier from individual and mass graves. Most of the remains are incomplete,” said Cengic.

“About 777 victims are considered to be missing in Prijedor still, but we should bear in mind that this number is probably smaller since a certain number of remains was found and located in Sejkovaca in Sanski Most,” stated Cengic, and added that 2,325 of victims from Prijedor have been found and identified so far.

(Source: FENA)


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