Remains of Two Persons found in Mass Grave in Jajce

In Jajce area, at the Carevo Polje site, at the request of the Prosecutor’s Office of BiH and with the order of the Court of BiH, the process of exhumation and search for the remains of persons missing in the past war is being carried out.

For now, the remains of two people have been found and the exhumation process continues.

The remains found will be transferred to the facilities of the Banja Luka City Cemetery, where the process of forensic processing and identification of persons to whom the remains belong will continue.

According to preliminary information, it is likely that the remains belong to Serbs.

The exhumation process is managed and coordinated by an investigator of the Special Department for War Crimes, located at the exhumation site, with the participation of a doctor of the Forensic Institute of Republika Srpska, an investigator of the Institute for Missing Persons (INO) of BiH, as well as police officers of the Travnik Ministry of Interior.

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