Report on Implementation of Local Elections in BiH in Strasbourg

At the session of the local authorities in the framework of the Congress for local and regional authorities of the Council of Europe in Strasbourg a report was adopted today on the implementation of local elections in BiH.

The Commission that was tasked to oversee elections in BiH assessed that the elections were well prepared and that BiH is capable of independently implementing elections.

The position of the BiH delegation of the report on implementing local elections was represented by member of the BiH delegation in Strasbourg, the mayor of Mrkonjić Grad Divna Aničić.

“At the meeting of the congress of local and regional government of the Council of Europe, the Vice-President of the FBiH Svetozar Pudarić led the BiH delegation, and the meeting was also attended by the Minister of Public Administration Lejla Rešić and the mayor of East Sarajevo Bojo Gašanović, announced the office of the Vice-Presidency of the FBiH.

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