Republika Srpska needs to pay over Six Million BAM to Federation of BiH

The Republika Srpska is obliged to pay the Federation of BiH 6,103,817 BAM, decided the Management Board of the Indirect Taxation Authority (ITA Management Board) of BiH.

This is stated in the Decision on the second temporary settlement between the beneficiaries of the distribution of funds from the single account for 2020. Today, the ITA Board adopted the Draft Law on Customs Misdemeanors of BiH and sent it for further procedure in order to fulfill the obligation to adopt it by July 1 this year, when the implementation of the new Law on Customs Policy of BiH begins.

At today’s session, the first draft of the Decision on the implementation of the law on customs policy in BiH was accepted, with the published technical changes based on the harmonization of the EU customs legislation, the ITA of BiH announced.

The ITA Management Board gave its consent to the report on the work of the Administration for 2020 and will be submitted to the Council of Ministers of BiH.

The report lists the consequences of the pandemic that negatively affected revenue collection, as well as other regular activities carried out during the past year.

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