Sarajevan made a Time Machine through the Centuries of Bosnian History

Dzemo Surkovic decided to make the Little Museum of BiH in the old part of Sarajevo, at the beginning of the Alley of Ambassadors (Aleja Ambasadora), in order to bring multi-century history of BiH closer to citizens of BiH and foreigners. Authentic replicas and exhibits that he has been collecting for years represent a time-machine through seven centuries of BH history.

“All of those ambassadors and foreigners who come here usually know the history of BiH after Dayton. I wanted to show these people that Bosnia has centuries long history, it had its kings, laws, money and culture. Everything in this object is an exact fact. Muslims, Orthodox and Catholics agree on that,” stated Surkovic.

Seven and a half meters tall family tree of the Kotromanic dynasty, which is based on the work of Professor Enver Imamovic, is a fascinating exhibit that represents the genealogy of medieval Bosnia. Replicas of Bosnian shield and sword, letter and money are also exhibited, as well as a table with bosancica (old Bosnian letter).

“We also have the Charter of Kulin Ban here, which was the agreement on duty-free trade and it represents a forerunner of some modern agreements that we have today, as well as the Ahdnama from 1463 which represents a charter of human rights. BiH survived everything that happened and it will survive everything in the future. It is our heritage, and our youth should make that heritage better,” he noted.

One of the most interesting replicas in the Little Museum BiH is the Latin Bridge with real water that represents Miljacka River. Also, photographs of old BH cities are also exhibited in the museum. Surkovic wanted to show all the buildings that have cultural and historical values, and he said that bridges should connect us.

This 57-year-old man has been building the Little Museum BiH for almost 10 years, and he always has some new ideas.

“The problem is that we do not know much about ourselves. I often say that I know just a little because there is always something new to be learned and read. I want this place to become a temple of culture and history. I am planning to make a library, souvenir shop and to organize competitions from the field of history. The prize will be gold, silver and copper coin of Kotromanic’s,” he said.

The entrance to all citizens of BiH is free of charge, and numerous citizens and foreigners already visited the museum.

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