Residents of Mostar enjoyed Sun and Nice Weather (gallery)

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If there is something that Mostar does not lack, that’s a nice, warm weather. After a few cooler days, and even snow, Sunday brought almost spring scenes.

Nice weather always “calls” people to get out of their house. In the Old Town, there were many residents of Mostar who were enjoying their time, but tourists as well.

Girls from Croatia did not miss the chance to make the perfect selfie on the Old Bridge.

The temperature on Saturday and Sunday was almost ten degrees Celsius.

Mostar, and Herzegovina area in general, enjoy a modified Mediterranean climate, with cool, humid winters and hot, drier summers. In the summer months, occasional temperatures above 40 °C (104 °F) are not uncommon, with a record temperature of 46.2 °C (115.2 °F).

The coldest month is January, averaging about 5 °C (41 °F), and the warmest month is July, averaging about 26 °C (78 °F). Mostar experiences a relatively dry season from June to September. The remainder of the year is wet and mild.

Mostar is the sunniest city in the country with an average of 2291 solar hours a year.

Snow is relatively rare and it usually melts within a few hours or days.

During the 2012 European cold wave, Mostar experienced unusually cold weather with freezing temperatures lasting for days and a record snow depth of 82.5 cm (32 in)




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