Restoration of Monuments to killed Soldiers in NP Sutjeska to start soon

For the first time since revealing the monument to killed soldiers in the Valley of the Heroes in the National Park Sutjeska in 1971, the complete restoration of this historic monument started in the territory of the Municipality of Foca.

The Valley of Heroes is a memorial monument dedicated to the Battle of Sutjeska, which took place back in 1943. Monument to killed soldiers represents a work of sculptor Miodrag Zivkovic. A memorial ossuary is placed in front of the monument, in which  3,301 soldiers were buried.

Next year will be marked 75 years since the Battle of Sutjeska, and the monument in the NP Sutjeska should get a new glow until then.

To recall, a difficult terrain on Tjentiste helped partisans to defend themselves from the Germans in the decisive battle in the World War II.

Besides restored monument, NP Sutjeska will receive a cable car and a ski resort as well as new villas, restaurants, roads, and traffic signs. Although the establishment of the self-sustainability system of the park is a very demanding process, NP Sutjeska started to work positively, and authorities are planning to improve the long-neglected winter tourism in the upcoming period.

(Source: klix.ba)


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