Result of the Meeting in Istanbul: Proposal for the Construction of both Routes of Sarajevo-Belgrade Road accepted

The meeting of the President of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan with the member of the Presidency of BiH Bakir Izetbegovic and the President of Serbia Aleksandar Vucic was very fruitful. The proposal to construct both routes in the combination of highway-fast road between Sarajevo and Belgrade was accepted.

The main topic of the meeting were infrastructure projects in BiH and Serbia, in which Turkey will take its part, and the key topic was the construction of the highway Sarajevo-Belgrade, whose potential routes were discussed.

Serbia already noted that it will agree on any route and that it is on BiH to make a final decision. There are two routes in our country. The first is the one that would connect Sarajevo and Belgrade via Tuzla and Bijeljina. This option is supported in the FBiH, but also by some of the parties in the RS.

The other route, the one that would connect the capitals of BiH and Serbia over Visegrad, i.e. eastern part of BiH and would be continued through Vardiste and connected wth Serbian highway, is supported by the authorities in the entity of the RS.

The proposal for construction of both of routes, including the one over Tuzla and the one over Visegrad, was adopted at the meeting in Istanbul and it will close the circle.

It is important to note that this project will be fully financed by Turkey, whose companies will construct the fast road but they will hire domestic workers.

They will use the so-called BOT model, according to the principle construct-posses-use-give, which means that Turkey will fully finance the road construction, and it will charge the use of it for a certain period of time in a form of concession and then hand it over to BiH and Serbia.

Therefore, BiH will not be further indebted when it comes to the construction of a fast road. Moreover, according to the terrain where the road will pass, it will be a fast road in certain parts, and highway in the others.

The main thing for all of this to become operational is that the relevant authorities of BiH accept this proposal.

It should be also noted that the President of Serbia imposed the question of relations between Bosniaks and Serbs at a trilateral meeting in Istanbul, and he stated that BiH will never have problems with Serbia again.

(Source: S. Hambo/Klix.ba)


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