The Result of the Referendum in Turkey will not have Big Impact on BiH

osman softic(1)What can we expect from the referendum, what can we expect?

“The referendum on the proposed package of constitutional amendments in Turkey is definitely one of the most important events in the political history of the modern Republic of Turkey. Any serious, honest and objective observer of political situation in Turkey will agree that the plebiscite on changes to the Constitution of the Republic is much more complex question of simplified and reductionist portray of this phenomenon in the Western and even local media, which are trying to present Turkish referendum on constitutional changes completely wrong in all possible ways by reducing it strictly to the question of deciding on democracy or despotism, and who insist that the only purpose of it is the desire of the President to ensure absolute power for himself at the expense of Parliament or other state institutions,” said expert on the Middle East, Osman Softic.

He noted that this referendum is much more than just the struggle between “good and evil, the democracy and despotism”.

“Turkish referendum on constitutional changes is much more than the personality of Recep Tayyip Erdogan and his alleged desire for unlimited power. I believe that Turkish people are aware of that and that the majority of Turkish citizens will vote for the proposed changes because they know that these changes are necessary to Turkey. These changes are much more than the dualistic struggle between “good and evil” and “democracy and despotism”, as it is served from the centers of power from the West who are extremely antagonistic towards the Turkey. That country is trying to rid of the Western tutoring and choose their own path, confirmed in a democratic framework that will keep the authenticity of Turkish history, culture, and civilization,” stated Softic.

“I expect that the majority of Turkish citizens will vote for constitutional changes. After that, Turkey will be much more stable and it will be easier for them to deal with the challenges that are before this, strategically and geopolitically, significant country. It will be easier for them to deal with the issue of continuity of economic development, the fight against terrorism of all kinds, especially irredentism of PKK (Kurdistan Workers’ Party).

We are aware that Turkey has a huge impact in BiH. How will the result of the referendum reflect on BiH?

“The influence of Turkey in BiH is quite exaggerated and it is not nearly as big as it is presented in the media. However, Turkey is our friendly country with which we share a common cultural and historical tradition. Turkey is active in BiH as an investor in the fields of industry, finance, education and other segments, especially in the field of restoration of cultural heritage, thanks to the long engagement of their agency TIKA.

“The referendum is an internal matter of Turkey and I do not think that the relations towards BiH will change. Of course, a strong and stable Turkey as a friendly country and a factor of stability in the territory of Balkans is better for secure future of BiH and all of its peoples than destabilized Turkey that is before disintegration. In that context, if the constitutional changes will provide greater stability and continuation of economic prosperity of Turkey, it is definitely better for BiH. But Turkish citizens will decide on that. Whatever they decide, we will respect their decision as a sovereign decision of the Turkish people,” concluded Osman Softic.

(Source: nap.ba)

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