Reuters published a Photo Gallery: Piolina among the Most Beautiful

12834864_1738279693075374_1115404841_nAgency Reuters published a photo gallery that shows the love of a mother and her baby in the world of animals.

Photo of Sarajevo lion cub and mother lioness was among the 18 most beautiful photos of mothers and babies.

To recall, Lion Rily and Lioness Sarajcica in September 2014 got a baby lion in recreational-entertainment center and the zoo “Pioneer Valley”. Only 8 months after she came to the zoo, lioness Sarajcica gave a birth to a female baby lion. Lion Rily arrived in the zoo in March 2013 and he is the first lion that came in the only BiH zoo after war destructions. Little lioness was named Piolina, and the photo by Dado Ruvic on Reuters shows her playing with her mother Sarajcica.

There is no doubt that, whether in human or animal world, love of a mother is unique.

(Source: Selma Fukelj/N1)

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